Kneepain Report



My judgment

① The sole to calf muscles are stiff and the range of motion of the ankle is narrow.

⇒ Knee stress ↑

② The center of leg movement is the knee

⇒ Knee overuse



① Knee movement is only linear movement of flexion / extension

→ Lateral movement / rotation is hip joint and ankle-forefoot

→ Knee stress when range of motion decreases ↑

② As you get older, your movements become smaller and you stop using big muscles.

→ Use only easy-to-use places

→ Knee overuse



① Widen the range of motion of the ankle (top priority) and hip joint (next)

⇒Golf ball massage, toe raising, heel raising, hip and ankle rotation

② Use the hip joint firmly (get the correct movement)

⇒ Pull your butt back without curling your back

* Slowly move the range of motion of the ankle and hip joint to the maximum

→ Improved flexibility


Thank you.